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Especially to the women who have it figured out! It means fewer layers, but all well thought out. It’s even simpler than yoga clothes!

Minimalist doesn’t mean more skin or less coverage—it means more selective dressing!

Choose pieces that are perfect for you–in every way–because there will be no distraction for the eye–it’s either going to be just right or don’t bother. There is no camouflage or lots of extras to cover for bad fit or awful fabric.

You want quality . When you get it right, you’ll know. You will look great from every angle and there will be fussing or adjusting. You’ll just glide through the day!

One of the best things about this type of dressing is that it’s forgiving. A shift fits all of us–just find one that is the right color and shape for you. You want it to fit well–to be flattering. The shoes should compliment the dress and then add just enough jewelry! All done!

Both of these dresses fall from the shoulder and are narrow in the hip. The one on the right is an Italian linen with a textural embellishment on the hem. Gorgeous and so simple–we just added a few bangles and a pair of sandals with a straw wedge. Just perfect for any age or shape! The dress on the left is lined silk, so it has some body and doesn’t cling. Nice sharp graphics, clean lines—just add sandals!

There is another simple style–the maxi dress! They’ve been coming and going for years because they’re incredibly easy to wear and good at hiding any little bits that you don’t feel great about. The look is cool, elegant, and slimming for all! Make sure they are long enough, and fall gracefully–part of their beauty and comfort is the drape and movement of the fabric. You want to float and glide—like a feather on that hot summer wind!

Another never- fail look is a beautiful white shirt and pants or jeans, with flats or sandals–sunglasses! Classic minimalist for all time, all ,over the world!

There is a different minimalism out there and it’s NOT pretty! It’s a way for manufacturers to cut corners and costs. They make clothing with fewer details, tailoring or embellishment. The fabric is cheaper and doesn’t last. They have left out all the things that make you fall in love with a piece of clothing—-and cut it smaller as well…hmmm. Be careful with your choices, Always check for quality or go for a quality look!

Just remember—when you are dressing simply–DETAILS MATTER!

All clothes pictured here are available at the Closet Exchange.

Don’t worry–summer is coming!

xoxo Brenda and Maggie

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