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Hi wonderful beauties! You’ve seen our announcement for a sale to celebrate our awards. We can’t thank all of you personally –much as we’d love to–so we have a sale. Not a bad thing!

We are fortunate to be a small business, because everyday we see faces of people we know. You’ve become friends and family to us. We are grateful for your loyalty and your business has sustained us and our wonderful staff. But it’s much more than that.

Every day is full off surprises, so our day is never boring or routine, It’s fabulous and fun! New goodies every day–new faces and familiar ones–everyday! Only a small business like our enjoys this connection with it’s patrons.

Our business is bringing you great clothing at amazing prices, but we also give you information, education and affirmation! Free advice and consults, a couple of giggles-a new top, or a pair of jeans that really fit- or that perfect bag! The business term is “customer service”–but for us, it’s what we are about! We want you to feel good about yourself–we are that safe place–the quiet place–your happy place. We hear it often.

We are all about women—all of us! We’re the best and least expensive therapy out there! Thank you for being part of our lives—you make our days special!

Love, Brenda and Maggie (and Bob and Brian)

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