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Oh the Humidity!

Welp.....I am on day FOUR of #badhair and it wouldn't be complete without all the frizziness. I am naturally gray these days and this new color comes with a whole new texture. She has a mind of her own, this lovely hair of mine. The frizz wouldn't be so bad if only it was frizzy all over! Nope not this hair likes to be flat on top and then poof from the ear down. I try to make messy buns ( you know the loose, flowy, silky hair-dos) which always end up being super tight and brain tugging. Then I will attempt a "hair crown" a majestic type of braid that lays across the top of my forehead like a crown. I quickly learn that I do not possess the necessary skills to braid or twist hair from one side of my head to the other equally. The crown starts out thin and sad on my right, but then as soon as I get to my forehead the crown become lush and beautiful! The lesson learned is just do the best you can with what you've got....oh and practice will eventually make perfect. Although this whole ambidextrous thing will never be true for me! Stay cool beauties!

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