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Stop that Itch!

Some of you may my old age I now get hives periodically (oh joy). It's like having a million mosquito bites all over your body. So when they are acting up I have to choose softer natural fabrics and sometimes even forego make-up. It can be challenging, especially in this kind of field. I'm selling fashion and assisting customers in finding their own style. Struggling to find the confidence to say " I look/feel pretty", without make-up or the constraints of some fashion, is surprisingly difficult. I have to force myself to stop being so critical of myself.....I would never judge someone else as brutally as I do myself. So why beat myself up?! Life happens regardless and I have to figure it out along the way.

So what things have I learned throughout this process? Well, your face/skin need a break from the makeup routine. My skin is happier and healthier...also super moisturized from keeping my skin hydrated to avoid being itchy. I can appreciate the sentiment, "you make your own happiness". If I do not exude happiness & contentment with myself, how can I expect others to see me that way? Best tip learned is this... when you have a SUPER ITCHY, TERRIBLE ITCHY something, put witch hazel in the fridge for a bit ( I keep mine in the fridge all the time) then put on a cotton ball and rub on your itchies. It is the best respite from the scratchies ;)

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