Hello Beauties!

Maggie Stark is the proud owner of the Closet Exchange. Maggie and her mother Brenda built a thriving mother-daughter business in metro-west Boston. While we both have plenty of experience in retail & customer service, our favorite pastime is fashion and beauty.  


The first Closet Exchange store opened in 1991 in downtown Needham, Massachusetts. That first little store is where we fell in love with our neighborhood and the business.  Very quickly, and with loads wonderful community support, we grew into three locations which allowed us to offer even more fabulous inventory to our shoppers every day.

We completely understand the great satisfaction of finding the perfect pair of jeans and the thrill of purchasing an incredibly high end bag at a ridiculously super price. These kinds of discoveries are what make resale shopping almost magical at times!  There is also nothing more rewarding than helping others find "the look" that works specifically for them.  Shopping at the Closet Exchange is an adventure filled with laughter, great deals and new friends.   


Go ahead, get addicted. We would love to see your face every day!  

Please remember to support your local small business...it's important.

XOXO-  Maggie

Maggie Stark

(with Brian the dog)

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