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Unique Consignment

How to Prepare

It's as simple as this...

We expect resale items to be in the exact same condition you wish to buy them:

  • Clean, pressed & ready to go!

  • Select a minimum of 3 items; no more than 30, in new or like-new condition.  Pieces of jewelry, shoes and purses count as items

  • Clothing should be current contemporary style within the last two years. Exceptions may be made for Luxury brands.

  • All items should be in the current season. This can be tricky in New England! Ask yourself if you would wear it in the next two weeks, if it's a yes, then bring it on in.  

  • Check for broken zippers, missing buttons, torn hems, spots and stains.

  • Items should be free of odors-perfume, smoke, mothballs  and pet hair

  • Sizes 00 to 24

Feel free to view our Consignor Agreement here.


Spring- February-April


Fall- August (Fall Transitional)-Oct (Full Fall)

Winter- Nov (Fall)-Dec/Jan (Winter)

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