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Pricing & Payment

Pricing for Resale

All pricing takes into consideration the competitive market. We research each label in depth and add that information to a database that is updated daily. Our strategy is pretty straight forward- Closet Exchange prices must be more attractive than the retail stores in order to sell your pieces. We do not price on the spot.

  • All prices are set by the Closet Exchange and may change at any time to facilitate sales.

  • Resale period is 60 days for Contemporary Brands and not more than one year for Luxury Brands.  Items may be reclaimed at any time during the resale period. Please allow 48 hours notice of reclaiming your items. After the resale period, any unsold items become store property to be liquidated or donated.  

  • We generally price at:  30%-40% of original retail value, taking into consideration age and condition. In demand or luxury items may be priced at a higher percentage of retail.

  • When an item sells, your percentage of the selling price is immediately placed in your account and available as store credit instantly!


Consignors will receive the following commissions based on our selling price:

Under $29 = 25%

$30 - $199 = 40%

$200 - $999 =  50%

$1000 - $1999 = 60%

$2000 - Up = 70%

How You Are Paid


Account balance may always be used as store credit.


Automatically mailed for balances of $50 or more sold in the previous month.   


Cash-outs are available for balances under $49 sold in the previous month.

Feel free to view our Consignor Agreement here.

Earn More On Luxury Brands
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