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How It Works

New consignor?

First time clients must schedule an appointment to open an account by booking online now or by calling our

In-Take location Tuesday - Saturday 11 am - 5 pm (781) 449-7344.

We DO NOT accepting Walk-In visits.

This initial visit will be fast & painless! It's a great way to see how we work and learn exactly what we are looking for from your closet.  See our Guidelines.  You will have a chance to read our Consignor Agreement and ask

any questions you might have. We will review your items and offer some feedback when

finished.  We do not price on the spot.


I already have an account​ (established)

After your first appointment, you have two ways to consign more items:

1. Appointments

Schedule an appointment to have your items reviewed by our team

and reclaim the unaccepted items .



2. Drop N' Run

Use our super fast & convenient, NO APPOINTMENT NEEDED

"Drop n' Run" program. Leave up to 30 items, 5 days a week!  We will not review items

with you.  Unsaleable items will be donated without receipt. No need to wait around!

You live a busy life and have places to be.  Bring your items on junk hangers or nicely folded in shopping bags (no trash bags) we will not return hangers or bags.  Or rehang to the velvet hangers on the racks. Don't forget to label your bundle with your First and Last Name, Phone Number and Number of Items (Drop-Off Form)

Luxury Consignment Accessories
Drop N' Run
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