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New Online Store! WooHoo!

Well Beauties, it's been an interesting few months. As a small family business we depend on our lovely local community. We love our happy routine of setting up a beautiful store daily and then welcoming our friends and new faces into our family. During quarantine we tidied the stores, priced clothing and began thinking outside the box. We needed to find a way to still provide some retail therapy for our customers. We began building an online store. This is BIG for us! Uncharted territory that so many businesses are attempting now.

Our business is what keeps us going. Without it I might end up being a cat wrangler in the middle of the country while whittling tiny kitten figurines. This could not least not just yet. We missed seeing all of you and would like to think you missed us too :) What better way to reach out to you than with a fully stocked ONLINE STORE that will only grow every day? So have a look around the new web store ( )which is also available on Instagram and Facebook. We hope you find yourself a little goodie as we all certainly deserve one!

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