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  • How do I start consigning?
    If you've never consigned with us before, schedule an appointment by booking online or by calling our In-Take location Tuesday - Saturday 11 am - 5 pm (781) 449-7344.​
  • I have consigned here before. Do I need an appointment?
    Only if you want us to review your items, so that you may reclaim the rejects. If you'd prefer a review please schedule an appointment online or by calling 781-449-7344. If you are happy to have us donate what we cannot accept then you may use our "Drop n' Run" program. Leave up to 30 items, 5 days a week! We will not review items with you. Unsaleable items will be donated without receipt. No need to wait around! Bring your items on junk hangers or nicely folded in shopping bags (no trash bags) we will not return hangers or bags. Or rehang to the velvet hangers on the racks. Don't forget to label your bundle with your First and Last Name, Phone Number and Number of Items.
  • Do you do walk-in appointments?
    We do not accept walk-in visits at this time.
  • What do you sell?
    Women's Designer & Luxury clothing, shoes, bags, & accessories. We expect resale items to be in the exact same condition you wish to buy them. Generally no older than 2 years, current style and surrent season. ​This can be tricky in New England! Ask yourself if you would wear it in the next two weeks, if it's a yes, then bring it on in. You may bring up to 30 items each time. ​​ All garments cleaned/pressed or freshly laundered. Check for broken zippers, missing buttons, torn hems, spots and stains. ​ Items should be free of odors-perfume, smoke, mothballs and pet hair ​ Sizes 00 to 24 ​
  • What season are you accepting?
    Spring- February-April ​ Summer-May-July Fall- August (Fall Transitional)-Oct (Full Fall) Winter- Nov (Fall)-Dec/Jan (Winter)
  • What brands do you accept?
    Fashion is constantly changing and so are we! We are looking for more Contemporary styles. Designer & Luxury consignment shoppers are looking for the best of the best! Some of our best sellers are Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Eileen Fisher, Vince, Ace & Jig, Joie, etc. We will accept very select pieces from "Mall Stores" such as J.Crew & Anthropologie. The more unique and special items sell better! We all have the boring basics like t-shirts, button-down shorts and suits. See our list.
  • What's my split?
    When an item sells, your percentage of the selling price is immediately placed in your account. Consignors receive: ​ 50% of the selling price on most consignment, excluding handbags priced above $100. Handbags receive a different percentage based on selling price: ​ 55% if priced $100 - $499 65% if priced $500 - $999 75% if priced over $1000 ​
  • How do I get paid?
    Payment is easy! There are three ways to use your money: ​ 1- Credit- Account balance may always be used as store credit. ​ 2- Checks- Automatically mailed for balances of $50 or more sold in the previous month. ​ 3- Cash-Out- Cash-outs are available for balances under $49 sold in the previous month.
  • Do I decide my prices?
    No. All pricing takes into consideration the competitive market. We research each label in depth and add that information to a database that is updated daily. We do not price on the spot.​ ​We generally price at: 30%-40% of original retail value, taking into consideration age and condition. In demand or luxury items may be priced at a higher percentage of retail.
  • What if my things don't sell?
    Resale period is 60 days for Contemporary Brands and not more than one year for Luxury Brands. Items may be reclaimed at any time during the resale period. It is the consignor's responsibility to keep track of the time on their items. Please allow 48 hours notice of reclaiming your items. After the resale period, any unsold items become store property to be liquidated or donated. ​
  • Where do you donate?
    At the end of the resale period, any unsold & unclaimed pieces become store property to be liquidated or donated to local charities that directly benefit women in need. Simply request your donation receipt at the end of the year! ​ Closet Exchange has maintained an on-going relationship with the following charities. We enjoy doing what we can to support the local community whether it be through our retail shopping experience or the daily charitable donations. ​ Some of our current charities in the Boston, Massachusetts area are: Dress For Success, Boomerang's, Rosie's Closet, Circle of Hope, The Second Step
  • How do I check my account?
    You may ask while your in the In-Take store 910 Great Plain Ave, Needham, Ma. You may call 781-449-7344 Tuesday-Saturday 11 am - 5 pm. You may also check your account on our webpage using your login info.
  • What's your return policy?
    We do not accept returns. All sales are final.
  • What's your exchange policy?
    We do not accept exchanges. All sales are final.
  • How do I know my bag is authentic?
    Authentication starts with the initial review performed by our trained In-Take staff. We examine every little detail such as: workmanship, materials, hardware, serial numbers, date stamps, stamping, symmetry & stitching. As added assurance, we also use Entrupy the only on demand authentication science. Entrupy uses microscopic images of logos, leathers, hardware, and materials via the Entrupy device and app where the algorithms will score the item as either authentic or unverified based on the images submitted.
  • Do you offer layaway?
    In-store only for sales over $250. Half (50%)paid up front and the remainder paid in 30 days. Agreement is available on the site.
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