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The sweet lady who takes our donations into Boston lives here in Needham. She volunteers to do this and many other things for Rosie’s–has been doing for them for decades! That kind of generosity and devotion is amazing! We are grateful for your drop offs of personal products and coats, gloves and hats—but the need is so much bigger…

If we all gave and contributed all winter, not just during the holidays, we could make a big difference. We are told that it’s going to be an exceptionally hard winter for the people we are trying to help. We cannot imagine what their lives must be like–only that it must be frightening on every level—physically, mentally and emotionally.

The wonderful man who gave me a check for Rosie’s place last year, stopped by again—with a check. It will be used to buy fleece to make into blankets that are handed out to those living on the street.

We accept donations at all four of our stores everyday for our charities—buy an extra pair of socks at the drug store or the dollar store, donate those shampoos and toiletries that are in your hotel room, bring the the toothbrush kit your dentist gives you. Or—you can always write a check.

Do something. We have to be our brother’s keeper. It could be you or me

Love, Brenda .

To learn more about Rosie’s Place Click Here

To learn more about the Circle of Hope, Click Here

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