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One of the nicest things about working in a women’s store is the spontaneous connection that occurs between strangers at random moments! It’s like a little miracle—one lady will be talking about how her shape has changed and then the conversation just blossoms. It expands and spreads around the store….everyone is talking and laughing. The conversation rambles from the winter weight gain, to how hard it is to find clothes that fit, to bad hair woes, to husbands, to kids and on and on. There is always laughter and so many funny and clever exchanges. We are lucky that we have so much in common…and so easily. We never run out of topics and the magic is that we flit from one thought to another and we all know what we’re talking about! We are silly, giddy and giggly and sometimes belly laughs….what a gift!..Thank you for letting us be part of it!

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