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Our prices start at 60% to 80% off the original price of all merchandise! This is the price that most retail stores use for clearance—the stuff that’s crammed on the multiple racks at the end of the season–damaged, dirty, tired and unwanted. It’s the price we start at and the item is perfect, current and desirable. Much of our inventory is new with tags—people do not return things and with the advent of on-line shopping, even fewer seem to send back the things that don’t work. It’s great for us!! and for you!!

T.J. Maxx and Marshall’s are the things that didn’t sell or the things they have made for their stores. The same with Nordstom’s Rack or Neiman Marcus’ Last Call. This is the stuff that didn’t sell–often for good reason. Our things are the pieces that people wanted. We don’t take things that aren’t perfect, so our stock is wonderful and incredibly varied!

Because we have a time frame for the life of our items, there are always markdowns on the floors–25% to 50% off. So– we always have a sale going on!! Because we do not use an automatic markdown system, we are always reviewing what’s on the floor and making sure it’s perfect and we are always making new reductions.

No one does it quite like we do—just one of the reasons we’ve been voted best in the region for so many years. Tell your friends about us–just not the ones who wear your size!

Take care. Pay attention to the small stuff.

xo, Brenda and Maggie

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