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I have the day off–a chance to finally clean the house in daylight! I should just let the birdies in like Snowwhite–there are enough crumbs on the floor for a whole flock! Anyway…

I have the TV on and OMG (I never say this, but somehow it seems appropriate)—have you seen the “Rich kids of Beverly Hills”? Do not watch this with your kids until you have looked at it.

One girl’s starter home costs 3 million dollars! Another gauges whether an apartment is suitable based on how flattering the light is for her “selfies”! Another has seven unlimited credit cards from her parents–no limit–she spent 480 thousand dollars in one shopping trip! Here’s a direct quote:” I like to live within a five mile radius of Barney’s.” It looks like these girls are in their early twenties, no jobs, talk like valley girls used to, and are totally self-absorbed. Another worthy quote:”I don’t smile at strangers because I don’t want to use up the collagen in my face.” They are supported by their absent parents.

It frightens me that kids see this and may actually aspire to this…when in reality, the world is changing and I see young people struggling to make ends meet. Keep your kids grounded, teach them a good work ethic and to be responsible. Love them unconditionally, and they’ll be okay. If you see them going down this path—talk to them about animals that eat their young. In this day of zombie popularity, they might believe you and get the hint.

You know the song…teach your children well…

Take care, Brenda

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