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I read a million magazines a week, just trying to keep up with the trends and new ideas. Well, maybe not a million, but a lot…

What I’ve noticed is that everything is a lot more expensive these days, especially if you shop at real stores–where you pay the actual retail price…not TJ Maxx or Marshall’s. Crazy expensive!!! The average cost of an outfit in any fashion magazine is sbout $1000.00–scary! These are not high fashion magazines either–this is Lucky, InStyle, or Allure! A ring might be $500.00, and the flats are $300.00 and we haven’t even touched the $250.00 jeans or the $300.00 sweater! Who are they targeting? All of us…they are training us to become used to these prices…to think that a pair of flats from J Crew is actually worth $300.00!

After a while, you just accept that price, because you think that this is okay–that this is the norm. I don’t think so. I’m sure you’ve noticed that everything is always marked down in the stores. They raise the prices so that they can mark things down…they don’t expect them to sell at full price. They know we all like a reduced price—so much so that we don’t ever think about the fact that the price was inflated to begin with!

Here’s the answer–come shop with us…always 50 to 80% off the retail price! Always in perfect condition, not rejects or overstock. Just hundreds of beautiful and tempting items that will make you feel and look special! You can be best dressed for less!

And, we love what we do…we’ll take care of you!

xoxo ,Bren

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