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The number one reason I shop consignment is value! You really get your money’s worth! You only pay about 1/3 of the retail price for fabulous things! At least, that’s how it works at our stores–Closet Exchange! I shop all three of my stores almost every morning…there are always great pieces to expand my wardrobe. It makes me so happy…

Today I bought a black and tan striped linen Parallel jacket (great with black jeans and a white shirt ($32.), a long gray knit skirt, perfect for the transition to fall ($40.), a J.Crew tee with a few jewels, perfect for casual with an edge ($13.),a bright yellow Odille blouse I couldn’t resist ($15.), a Free People sweater with a sequin bib, great for under a denim jacket ($30.), and a new Tommy Bahama blue silk shirt with tags ($66.)! Most of the things were from the mall store and last chance! How awesome is that?

My total was $195.00—the retail value was 528.00! I can’t do this well anywhere else—everything is ready to wear…and one of as kind! No cookie- cutter stuff here!

I love our stores—and there is nothing like consignment! Remember to shop all three stores, because it’s all good—just divided to make it easier to shop!

Thank you, thank you for shopping and consigning with us—you’re the best!

P.S. 95% pf all my clothes come from the Closet Exchange! Really!

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