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All one color!!! Same answer as always—because it somehow hides the evidence of a wonderful holiday season that lasted for a month! (Treats every day!!) My color choice is black, but navy, brown or gray work just as well.

All one color, from head to toe–narrow but not tight or clinging. We don’t want to feel those extra pounds making us feel like sausages! It’s not a boring look–it’s sleek and elegant. I love the word “sleek”, good word, good look! Dress it up with jewelry, scarves, bright accessories–great shoes or handbag–bright lipstick or a bigger hairdo or more eye makeup….all distractions from that little bit of extra padding! Stand up straight, avoid carbs and sugar for a few days, drink green tea.

You’ll be yourself again soon…and don’t beat yourself up about the goodies you consumed. It was a wonderful and tasty season!!

Take care. Look at the night sky…so beautiful.

xo, Bren

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