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Sometimes looks totally different in real life!

As far as magazines go, we have to remember that everything they photograph has been styled—to the max! A crew of people pick out all the pieces for an outfit from hundreds of pieces that were chosen for the specific shoot. Then the outfits are assembled–often literally! Pieces are added to embellish. They can be glued in place or pinned on–or invented to give the right look!

If you see the outfit from the back, you will see clips and pins that are used to shape everything to fit the model. By this point, the outfit may only be a faint version of the real thing available in stores!

After the outfits are photographed, the photos are doctored—we all know about photo-shop. Hemlines can be changed, bustlines minimized, hips and butts reduced (not to mention pounds and wrinkles erased).

I don’t think they really mean to mislead us, but they go to great lengths to make something look like a “must have”. Keep this in mind if you are ordering, or try to go to a store that carries the item so you can touch it and try it on.

Sometimes it really is as represented and you have a treasure, but just as often, it’s not what you hoped. And…always, always return a mistake. You know you won’t wear it.

I often order something I like in two sizes, because fit is becoming so difficult. You can easily return the one that doesn’t work. Don’t be afraid, just be smart.


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