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Okay,we’ve seen these before, several times! Once upon a time, you just wore your jeans ’til they ripped all by themselves—it was l on it’s own. Now we need to buy them.

Prices start at about $75.00 and go up… and up!

Paige denim=$335.00; Christopher Kane=$570.00; Current Elliot=$400.00; True religion=$218.00; Dsquared=$530.00!!! We’re talking about ripped jeans!

If you want to make them yourself, go to and they’ll show you how to do it in 14 steps. Tools include scissors, sand paper, utility knife, a ruler, a pumice stone, a wood file, a grater, and a flat piece of wood….sounds like a big project with the possibility of over- ripping…or at least harming yourself…

Directions to make ripped jeans are available from 2009,2010, 2012, and 2013. Ripped jeans were popularized in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. That means your grandmother and your mother already rocked ’em! Kinda cool…

They keep coming back. I’ve seen them on a lot of women–all ages–they look great! Yes, it’s a trend…it will fade…and then return again in a few years. So if you spent $400.00 for yours or labored hours to make them, keep them. They’ll be in vogue again, several times and your daughter might want them. Maybe even your granddaughter—how cool is that?

It’s funny how jeans can be as timeless as Chanel!

Love, Brenda

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