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We never go out to dinner ( just not enough time), but the owners of The Center Cafe are so special, we decided to treat ourselves and go see them for dinner. We knew it would be good, but we had forgotten how nice it is to dine at an intimate, cozy place where you can actually talk quietly with each other and the owners and the staff check on you to see if all is well.

The menu options are all very tempting and the selection not so large that you are overwhelmed. It’s American cuisine—from mouthwatering burgers, to sole and salmon, lamb, veal, pasta and vegan selections. I had the sole–so good, so fresh and Bob had the veal saltimbocca–also great!

We are going back every week until we’ve tried everything! Steve and Karen are delightful hosts!

This place is perfect–just like the three bears said-“just right”!

We had two desserts–yum…

For more information and to check out their menu, Click Here

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