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Of course, we all do. We want to fit those jeans by Saturday without feeling like a stuffed sausage…no muffin top…no bloating. It’s possible and you don’t have to do anything weird or awful!

This works. No sugar (read the label!), no fats, no dairy, no gluten (actually–no starches). Hide the chips and crackers. Drink lots of green tea-plain-instead of coffee. (coffee causes bloating!), Lots of fruit and vegetables, salads, some protein–eggs, fish or chicken. Lots of water.

Remind yourself to stand up straight, shoulders back and tummy tucked in. This actually makes your waist look better and your stomach less puffy. Stand up to put on your face or do your hair and keep tucking your tummy in tight, release, do again…over and over. By the time you’re done doing your hair you will be holding your stomach in!…or at least be aware of how much better you look and feel when you’re doing it!

Don’t weigh yourself to see how much lighter you are… just try on those jeans and you’ll be amazed! And you’ll also be on your way to paying more attention to your eating and your body!

I have actually given up my beloved hot chips,,,and I’m not missing them, because I can fasten my belt one notch tighter than I could!! Yippee!

Take care. Be kind to yourself.


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