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You may need more than one! It’s quite a fashion trend–especially now that people are wearing this skirt for more than just office attire.

It’s a very flattering skirt, tapered to just below the knee. The tapering is what makes it so great! It’s skinnier at the bottom than a straight skirt…they are not the same. If you put on your skirt, and it doesn’t come closer at your knees, it isn’t a pencil skirt. A pencil skirt is almost a throwback to the glamour days–think Marilyn Monroe or Sophia Loren. It makes you have a beautiful defined shape—better hips, waist and bottom–all because of the shape.

The other wonderful thing about a pencil skirt is that it’s pretty on everyone…every size and shape. Really–think Mad Men! A womanly skirt…best, of course, with heels and a somewhat fitted top. It doesn’t have to be tight, but it needs definition or shape.

Pencil skirts are now available in all kinds of fabrics and prints. It’s not just a black skirt anymore…it’s for anytime you want to feel a little more feminine, just a little more “dressed”—even if it’s just lunch with the ladies. It’s a game changer!

Sometimes it’s just good to change it up a bit…take care. Brenda

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