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The best jacket this summer-again-is the jean jacket. It goes with everything. If you want to look current and informed, try it. (We don’t want to look like we’re out of the fashion loop.)

You can pop it over a cocktail dress to take it down a notch or give it that “I know who I am” look…or it can toughen up a fluffy floral frock ( say that fast 3 times-ha). It looks great with a pencil skirt and blouse, or with a mini skirt and a tee. It’s good with any pant. Anyone can wear it and look great! Roll up the sleeves and keep it unbuttoned.

Keep it in your car so that you can change the tone of your outfit in a flash! It’s also great to keep you from shivering when you’re in the grocery store (so cold in that frozen food area). It doesn’t matter what color the jacket is or what color outfit you’re wearing—it’s all good. When the jacket starts to be so soft and show some wear, it’s even better! It could be a potential heirloom—yep, it’s something your daughter might even want to borrow!

Sometimes a classic is always a classic. It’s a good thing….

xo, Bren

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