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It begins again–the overnight transition from the comfort and camouflage of layers and boots to dressing simply. Pants and a top, just a dress—great if you have a perfect shape or are under twenty- two or are comfortable with your body and love the summer heat! And–we’re not even going to talk about hair and humidity…

So, I left a frantic pile of clothes on the bed again–my usual start to the first hot, humid day—arrrgh. How is it that this still comes as a surprise?

My summer wardrobe is slim–not in size, but in volume—white pants. light -weight soft linen sweaters, long cotton skirts (yes, black). Black and white because I don’t have to think about it and it always looks good—anywhere you go! Everything matches. So easy.

My summer recipe:

  • White pants and jeans

  • White or black gauze palazzo pants

  • Long light weight skirts (so cool)

  • Simple black or white tops that skim the body

If you’re one of the lucky ones and everything works for you–that’s great, but if you’re like me (having a couple of flaws), this is a good start. Feel free to add color too! This is just my solution for my annual summer meltdown…lol.

Love you, Bren

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