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Ever get up in the morning and peek in the mirror and you just look kind of vague? A little pale or washed out? It happens to me most days—helped along by the fact that I am blind as a bat–which can be a good thing–the wrinkles and flaws disappear in a soft blur…

I have a pale face, pale eyes and pale hair–sort of ghostly, so I paint on a face–even on days when I’m going nowhere, just in case I have to answer the door (and you know it always happens ). I don’t want to scare anyone. No wonder and thank goodness that makeup has been around forever! It makes such a huge difference! Have you seen the magazine photos of famous people without makeup? So comforting to see that most of us look pretty average without a litle help…

Things I can’t do without are the same things women have used for ages—mascara, eyeliner and lipstick. They are always the best sellers…in fact, there seem to be as many ads for these essentials as for clothing! Let’s face it- they do make a big difference. Have you ever tried on a piece of clothing you aren’t sure about with no makeup?….still not sure?…add lips and eyeliner and it looks awesome? Very interesting. I am a firm believer in the power of makeup. (Growing up with a couple of models may have had some influence on me.) Also Gwen Stefani…she has made red lips a staple and she looks fabulous in everything….sweats or glam—I want to be her. (Not gonna happen, but I can pretend.)

Anyway…I draw on my features every morning and go out to face the world…still me, but just a little enhanced. Nothing wrong with gilding the lily…and it is a little bit like armor.

A tip-use a reverse lip liner with red lipstick…we’re not going for clown makeup. (been there-ich.)

There’s a little chill in the air—are you looking for your boots? I am.

xoxo, Bren

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