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looking through the racks–talking about all the things women deal with. Basic things, like children, parents, home…and intermingled, they pull out a dress and size it up. It may be just right for them, or a daughter or the friend they’re with. They look at a skirt or a blouse.

The quiet chatter of women in their own space—our stores are a safe and comfortable place. Shopping is kind of like gardening. They are focused on the task — looking through the clothes and jewelry, but it is a quiet, intimate and concentrated exercise–full of creativity, and very personal. Restful in a productive and satisfying way. This is a woman thing…

They say retail is dying—I hope not. I think that small shops are one of the last special retreats for women—an escape from all the busyness and demands of their day. No one asks anything of you, you are taken care of and maybe you find a goody, maybe not. But you did have a few precious minutes to yourself, before you jump back into your very full life.

You make our stores full of spirit—thank you for making our days special!

Take care, Brenda

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