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I am a penguin perched on the edge of an ice flow. Everyone is waiting for the first penguin to jump into the frigid water. I will be the first!!! I happily, joyfully and jubilantly put on a pair of tall boots this morning and my entire outlook and attitude has blossomed!!! (mad laughter…Bob is looking at me with a puzzled grin).

Finally—time again for happy, comfortable well-clad feet…beautiful leather…elegant and smart… they’re back…BOOTS!! They are on my feet this very moment (it’s only been 30 minutes) and my life is better! Tonight I will dig into the depths of my closet, blow away the dust bunnies and take out those wonderful boxes that hold the rest of my dear boots. Over the knee—to the knee–ankle booties–my London boots ( they will forever be my London boots because I bought them for our trip to London–I know, goofy).

I’ll polish them all, line “em up and then (ta_dah) try them all on. I can hardly wait! I am surprised at how happy and silly this has made me. (Bob’s still grinning as I do my boot dance).

Boots are the great equalizer—every woman looks wonderful and fashionable and sexy and smart in boots! There is something magic about them. We look taller, thinner and our clothes look better. We stand straighter and look people in the eye!

I don’t care if it’s 80 degrees tomorrow—the tide has turned and I am whole again!! Get out your boots!

Yay for fall and turning leaves, happy Brenda. xo

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