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Brenda’s closet. Who thought these up? They have been around in various forms for centuries, but now, we have revived them again. Some are so high and architectural in style that they really do look like torture devices. Is this another cruel fashion joke? Have you seen the models fall on the runways?

Do we long to be taller just to be taller?–or are we trying to visually stretch our bodies out so we look thinner or our legs look longer? Or, do we just want another challenge in an already challenging world?

Let’s see if we can negotiate these stairs without spraining an ankle, or cross the street without getting caught in a drain or a cobblestone. I saw a customer yesterday with a bad sprain–she slipped off the heel of her shoe! Yes, we’ve grown accustomed to the sight–thanks to the Kardashians, the housewives of whatever, and Hollywood, but it doesn’t mean we have to like them…or wear them. They make you walk funny, stand funny, and taller than your sweetie…what’s the point?

What good are shoes that only look good when you are standing still– posing? (How many of us pose? or stand in one place long enough to pose?) I guess they could look good when you ‘re sitting—but you have to be sitting on a stage or at a glass table so people can see your shoes–ala fashion TV.

C’mon ladies—let’s get real. Is it worth life and limb to take part in another bizarre fashion joke? Let Madonna and Gaga keep them–they go great with their outfits (did you see Madonna at the last award show–Pleeeeze, kill me now–)

Life is tricky enough with out deliberately adding optional challenges. Be smart.

xo, Brenda

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