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There is something so fresh and clean about a crisp white shirt! It’s never wrong. You can wear it with jeans, always great; with a pair of tailored black pants and a great belt and you’re dressed for lunch or dinner anywhere in the world! That’s how classic it is. What changes the look is the details. Roll up the sleeves for casual chic, wear it with great heels and it’s so elegant, with sandals , it’s beachy…

Most comfortable is a fine cotton with some spandex. It feels so good, so comfortable. The no iron versions from Foxcroft, Ann Taylor, and Brooks Bros. really are wash and dry. No tricks. Anne Fontaine shirts are collectible–it’s almost all she does and the choice of styles are endless!

It’s a look that’s been around forever because it always works—from Kate Hepburn to Anne Hathaway—it’s a classic look. One worth mastering. It will make your life easier, because it always works. Good to have a fall-back.

We have a good selection here…but come in soon..they go fast!

xo Bren

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