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I’m walking on my treadmill and talking to myself. The faster I walk, the more animated my speech. I am talking about America and Americans. I am so puzzled and frustrated by the apathy and disinterest I see.

Have we all given up–thrown up our hands and decided we have no power to change things? We can’t fix anything or make anything better? Shame on us.

We are healthier, wealthier, and safer than anyone else in the world. You can travel anywhere you want, you can live anywhere you want, buy whatever you want. Your children are safe, educated, and nurtured. And yet, all I hear is whining and complaining–even I am guilty of it.

There’s a way to fix it. Take an interest, take part. Appreciate everyday, your family, your friends, your job, the fact that you wake up every morning! Try to make a difference instead of complaining and finding fault. It starts with the small stuff.

Always be polite, say “please” and “thank you”. Teach your children to do so. Don’t throw trash on the ground, and if you see it, pick it up—this is your home. Teach your children. Follow the rules…they’re there for a reason. Smile. Greet people. Do your job well. Do the right thing!

These small things are easy to do, and they don’t cost you anything. They will make you feel better and the people you interact with will feel better. Little by little, you will be a happier, kinder, better person…someone your children will want to be like. We can do better. Pay it forward. Remember, you are who they learn from.

As the song says, “teach your children well…” Let’s try it.

Love you.


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