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You know those days when life gets in the way and you’re forced to compromise or make do—just when you’re getting ready to go out in the world?

Hair not working? That’s what all those clips and great hairsprays and gels are for. Make a messy up-do–or something spiky. Add lips and big hoops and you’re good to go! You can pass for a celebrity!

It used to be a no-no to let your bra straps show–now it’s kind of an accessory (Madonna again?) Go with it–don’t sweat the small stuff. Just make sure that the straps are clean, neat and a great color, and it’s perfectly acceptable in some situations (okay if you are you are a young thing, are not at a job interview, or work in a bank).

And how do you think all that layering of t-shirts happened? Too many shirts that were too sheer, too short, or had teeny straps—weren’t giving us enough coverage. So we added another shirt, sometimes even more–longer, shorter, contrasting colors. It became a fashion trend that will probably stay in some form. It’s smart and fresh, and it solves a lot of problems!

Jeans too long or too short? Cuff them. Shirt too full? Tuck the front into your belt or waistband. Sleeves too long or too short? Roll them up! These were all solutions to fashion problems, and we liked them—adapted them.

Being a woman today is about being flexible and able to compromise when necessary. Whatever it takes to get the job done and get you out the door…I think of it as “casual perfection”…solving problems in your own style!

There are no “rules” anymore–just find your own style and enjoy it!

Love, Bren

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