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The hot pink tights with the blue and pink striped mini -dress…I still cringe. Or the floor length macrame dress (ugh)—hot pants! Just flashed on a white jump suit with giant belt–people thought I was a movie star (I was in a little town)…

Somehow, I was always oblivious to what people thought. I thought I looked good. Maybe I’m missing a chip, but it has allowed me to not go home in tears..and to not be afraid to try new things. (I thought I was Linda Evans for a while, so did my mom, xoxo).

I was fearless for a long time, until I got a “real” job and had to look more corporate. It worked for a while, but it’s not nearly as fun. I think it’s really easy to get stuck in a rut—it’s safe, you don’t have to think, and you don’t have to push yourself. BUT, wouldn’t you like to be Gwen Stefani or Cyndi Lauper now and then? I would! Girls just wanna have fun—getting dressed should be fun, and we ARE girls!

Gwen basically wears black and white, but with such flair! We can do that, just tone it down a bit. Cyndi looks like a party–but she owns it! Both are brilliant, rich, and talented. I’d like to know them, wouldn’t you? (Hmmm, the tie-dyed jumpsuit I made myself, granny glasses and very short hair–SF in 1969. I thought I looked cool–so did my boyfriend. Didn’t know Bob yet, but he had hair to his shoulder blades and wore skinny black pants and pointy English boots–hot! We were on different coasts at the time…awaiting destiny.)

The point is—Dressing is an important part of who you are—it sends a clear and obvious message. Look at yourself and at your closet. I find that most women are unsure of themselves when it comes to dressing. ALL of you are beautiful or striking in your own way. Recognize that and use it! Show the world a little more about who you are, not what you are, or what you do. Take a good friend shopping with you–maybe lunch and a little wine. They often see you better than you see yourself. Let them advise you. You might be surprised at the woman who’s hiding behind your jeans and black sweater!

Stop hiding your light—let it shine!

I love you guys. Bren

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