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I keep trying it on, and then put it back in the closet…It’s a cute black knit with wide set straps, a tad long. Not enough coverage for work, but maybe I can fix it. So, I try it on over a blouse (too hot), maybe a t-shirt with sleeves (too young), with a white tank (what’s the point??), and finally with a jacket (it’s 90 degrees–am I nuts??) Arrrgh. Why do I do this? I decided that if I couldn’t wear it to work, it could be a home thing. I chopped off the bottom and it made a nice cool tunic! Ha! Wearing it now!

How does it happen that I have so many things that aren’t quite right? I think that sometimes I buy things that are “sort of” okay…how dumb is that? Do I think it’s going to become right on the way home? Do we fall in love with some part of a thing–and that infatuation blinds us to the rest that we don’t love? I think so.

I’ve learned (but don’t always practice) that when I shop like this, the thing just lurks in my closet, taunting me. Why don’t I wear it–what’s wrong with it–how can I fix it. Poop. So annoying.

The answer is—don’t compromise! If you hate turtlenecks, don’t buy them–no matter how cute the rest of the sweater is. Hate orange? Don’t buy it –even if the cut is great. Hate hoods? Don’t buy the sweater if it has one–I guarantee you won’t wear it, even though the pockets are darling. Keep your wits about you. The whole thing has to be right or you’ll be cutting your losses like me!

Remember this when your’re holding that horizontal striped skirt…

xoxo, Brenda

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