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I’m getting better at trying on fashions that I normally wouldn’t because my daughter has a great eye and so do all the other beauties I work with. These girls are awesome! (The charming thing is that they see me as younger and smaller. ) I ‘ll try on anything they suggest because many times, they’re right! I get stuck in my black and white mode. It’s me if it’s a solid color and cut straight. I just go there first. New things keep me current, keep me from looking frumpy, or dated…and make me feel great!

I love seeing a new item that has a tag hanging on it with my name and a smiling face, chosen by the girls. They find new colors for me or interesting styles that I would never have tried. I always get compliments on their choices! It’s good to know what works for you because it simplifies dressing, but don’t be afraid to experiment. There’s so much fabulous stuff today–be brave. Find a helper–someone who knows you well and has a love for fashion. They probably already have some ideas about what you could wear…

I hear many women say that they don’t NEED anything…well, yes, that can be true, but what you really need is to get rid of some things, you know–the pieces that you keep even though you don’t wear them, or you just don’t feel great in, but you have them, so you wear them…blah…

What you really need is a fashionista! Go out and be girls…have fun! There will be a lot of laughter…and you might find a new side of yourself that’s been waiting! Fashion allows you to be whatever you want to be…it’s fun!

Love you, Bren

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