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Yes, you can create the illusion of being taller and slimmer. Here are a few never- fail tips! I use these whenever I have the blahs, or just feel that nothing looks right–Chinese food, too many pizzas, just plain tired, stressed, bad hair…bad day…It’s a lot of work to be a woman! I think my mom said that, but I was probably not paying attention, because my outfit wasn’t working!

1. Never wear anything that’s too tight! It just makes edges and rolls, and it doesn’t fool anyone… It just makes you more self -conscious. If you are fussing and pulling and rearranging your clothes all the time, it’s not working. Give it up and start over with something you know always works, even if it’s your favorite jeans. It’s good to have a fall-back outfit.

2. The fall-back outfit. Mine is always black leggings or narrow pants, some kind of boot, a hip length black sweater, or a black tunic . I’m black from chin to floor—the profile is narrow, but skimming the body, nothing grabbing. Sometimes I add a white collar peeking out , or a scarf, or a ton of silver jewelry. You can do this with a simple dress, dark tights—or a skirt and sweater with dark tights–navy works, or brown—you pick ! The trick is to have the clothes just fall straight, nothing tucked in or belted, all one color. This works for everyone! Practice making this outfit. Have a couple of variations.

3. Invest in shapewear! Women may not talk about it, but all the best dressed ones know this is key! If what’s under your clothes doesn’t fit, what you put over won’t fit! There are things out there that can smooth the back fat, trim the love handles and the muffin top, make your bust look less or more or higher, that can lift your butt, make your waist smaller, make your hips trimmer and tighter. Find something that smoothes your torso and one that smoothes your hips and butt…wear them together….they make separate pieces so you can build what works for you! It does work, and it makes a difference! You stand up straighter—feel more put together…really!

4. Wear a heel. Simple, but a litle extra height stretches out the body. Any kind of shoe that gives you a lift—wedges, platforms, chunky heels, make sure they’re comfortable. Anything from one inch and up—it changes your posture, and that makes you look slimmer! So simple!

These are my best secrets…not so secret really. Sometimes we just forget that we deserve to pay attention to ourselves. We’re worth it! You make me smile!

Love, Bren

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