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Tunics are another staple item for all of us…no matter what size or shape! The best shape is one that just skims over your body from bust to mid- thigh. The taller you are , the longer you can wear them, but they work well on petites too–just keep proportion in mind. Petite shapes need a shorter tunic—somewhere from just below the hip to mid-thigh. You want a fabric that falls, no clinging. It will hide any love handles, tummy bulges, back fat—all those little edges that we don’t love. You will look taller and slimmer—the word is “sleek”! A good word.

You can do sleeves or not—but a sleeveless tunic ( or shift) gives your more layering options! A tunic with sleeves works well on it’s own, push up the sleeves, add a couple of bangles and great earrings or a longer necklace or scarf for interest. Just remember that you want to make the eye go up and down–always elongating the body. A short chunky necklace on a tunic is a risk—it stops the flow from neck to thigh. Another option is to wear a jacket, not a blazer, you want something more interesting and edgy. Remember, it’s an accessory! (see #1 blog-yesterday’s).

A sleeveless tunic is more versatile, as you can layer on top–a jacket or an artisan cardigan, or even a longer fine knit pullover that skims the body. But, you can wear it over a blouse or fine knit shirt—totally changes the look, alllows you to add color or print or texture while maintaining that long profile! Pretty cool! Repurpose things in your closet! Play!

Can’t find a tunic? I buy dresses that have this simple shape and shorten them!

What to wear with a tunic? Straight leg pants, leggings, bootcut pants—remember, narrow across the hips and thighs–we don’t want to add bulk. Boots and leggings look awesome with tunics—made for each other! Looks great on any age or size woman—really! (I wear a Spanx tank under my tunics to smooth that little edge where my pants waistband is, pull it over the waistband to your pelvic bone—also tucks in my tummy a bit.)

This is one look I would like to keep for the rest of my life–always appropriate, tons of options to dress up or down. Such fun and it always works!

Did you find your boots? It’s time…yay!! Such glorious days…don’t let them slip by.

Love you, Bren

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