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You know–the tummy roll, the muffin top, the flat butt, the big hips. For the next few days, we’re going to give you solutions —ways to dress that minimize or hide the things that make dressing tricky or frustrating. We’re all in this together!

Wear a jacket! Not a blazer—a jacket. More casual or edgy! The selection is endless, from denim to leather ! What we all need is a jacket with some structure—this helps to give us the shape we may not have and hide the edges that make us unhappy. So look for something that hints at a waist–and has room for a bust. Unless you are stick thin, avoid shiny fabrics–they just make us look bigger–they reflect light (not a good look). Avoid horizontal stripes, or large patterns.

Shoulders should fit, not tight across the back. Length is important. Best to have it hit at your pelvic bone or a tad longer. We don’t want to totally cover the butt, just sort of skim it. It doesn’t have to match what you are wearing, but it should compliment it. What you wear under it can vary. It’s okay for the shirt or blouse underneath to be longer than the jacket, just make it fit close to the body.

Don’t button it! It’s an accessory—so style it! Pop the collar, roll the sleeves!You’ll be pleased and surprised at how a jacket slims the body and gives the illusion of a better shape than the one you’re trying to hide! It’s an elegant security blanket…invest in more than one…two or three can change your entire wardrobe! It’s as staple for me—and I’m always looking for one more!

More tips tomorrow!

You are the best!


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