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I want to let you all in on a little secret….

Us dogs have what some may call “super powers” or “dog magic.” We are nothing but love and promise. We try our best to be everything that you need at any given moment. We also can read your minds! We know when you are thinking about going for a walk with us before you even consider getting off of the sofa. We also know when you are thinking of giving us some of that pizza crust! We also know when you are sad or broken…

My Mom, Maggie, has been dealing with a bit of a broken head. One day after work, we were driving home when some lady rear ended our car! The crunch shook up Mom’s brain and now she tends to hurt more often now. I can’t make her soup or rub her head, but I can use dog osmosis to will her better. I lay on, over and around her head all of the time now. I must touch her head even while we are sleeping. She might not realize it, but I am going to make her better. I show off my squeaky animal tossing skills and even clean up her crumbs. I do it all to make her happy and I think its working

Written by Maggie, as dictated from Brian the dog.

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