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Why? The real ones cost thousands of dollars! I think most of the ones we see on the street are fakes–so much more affordable and you get the “look”. (please don’t buy the fakes…it’s wrong on every level.)

But what is that all about? When did we all decide we need to carry a Louis Vuitton? Is it because we see it on the arms of all the young and famous (not always sure what they are famous for, besides being photographed). When you carry a Louis Vuitton logo bag (you know, the one with the LV’s all over it), what you are really doing is paying for the privilege to promote and advertise Louis Vuitton products. Smart company–they never go on sale and they’ve made their business by appealing to the very wealthy since 1854!! Only the rich could afford their luggage and later their bags.

So…the cache is that if you carry an LV bag, you must be an important or affluent person. But now, you can buy fakes all over New York city and many hair salons (even though it’s illegal) and you see them everywhere!

I am confused by the thought process. Do we want one because the rich and famous ladies carry one? Or have we become brainwashed into wanting one because we see so many of them on everyone’s arm?

I think they are beautiful bags, iconic and classic, but if I was going to buy one (instead of making a couple of mortgage payments)–I would opt for one with no obvious logo–just so I didn’t feel used…

Just saying…


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