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I have my doubts. I saw it on the red carpet and it looks a little awkward. There is so much fabric and then the skinny little ankles. Is this just another attempt at something different? I’ve seen it in floaty summer dresses and that seems more flattering—best on a slim figure.

When I see it in tops–the first thing I think is that if you have a bust–you look pregnant. I understand the longer coverage in the back (we are so tentative about our backsides), but the short front puzzles me. If you are very slender with no chest, I think it works. Otherwise, I really think you should look at yourself in a full length mirror (you do have one-right?) in profile. If you look like a big puffball with two sticks for legs, don’t do it! No matter how cute the top from the front–the silhouette can be deadly.

We want to look great–not interesting. That’s the kiss of death.

Use a mirror–it’s kept me from some big mistakes (most of the time)!

Love you, Bren

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