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My only regret about the coming warm weather is the giving up of my gorgeous tall boots! It’s not just the beautiful leather—it’s the multiple flaws they hide…I figure the break off point for knee high boots is about 60 degrees.

Boots are the great equalizer. We all look great in them. They balance out fuller hips, add some meat to bird legs, and hide the bumps, sags and veins. What a wondrous thing! Everyone looks amazing…but then summer comes. Shorts, capris, short skirts and the hi-low hem—our legs are hanging out! This is a challenge for many of us.

I propose we put our heads together and come up with a summer solution! Cowboy boots are cute and an option, but some of us need more coverage–perhaps perforated leather? paint on vinyl? lace up canvas? We need something!

But for now, it’s leggings, long skirts, and palazzo pants–of course, jeans, or a super tan. But I’m going to have to work on this—there must be an answer. One thing I know for sure—I will never be moving to the tropics!

Reprieve today–I’m in my boots–50 degrees! Yay!

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