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I know, I know—still talking about hair–but it’s such a big part of a woman’s image and self esteem.

Why else would there be so many salons, so many videos about how to cut your hair, straighten your hair, curl your hair, color your. Hair,hair, hair,hair-magazine articles, infomercials, home shopping shows, etc.! It’s insane!

But—every morning when we get up—there it is—on your head, in your face! You can’t ignore it, unless you really don’t care what people think–and the only other option is to shave your head! So, we deal with it. Curly ladies want straight, long hairs are tempted by short, and the recently shorn mourn for their long locks. It’s as old as time…our crowning glory is a pain in the butt!

We rarely seem to be happy with our hair and maybe it’s because we notice all the other hairdos around us. That makes us compare our heads to someone elses–are we ever secure? No. I was tired of spending too much time on my hair, and always fussing about loved ones were tired of it…sorry guys. I got the pefect cut—amazing!! I feel better, I look better, and I save a lot of time. This gives me more time to have stress and angst over my expanding waistline!

You can camouflage a waistline, but not your hair…

Love, Bren

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