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As you’ve probably gathered, I’m kind of a nature girl…I like to dig in the garden, feed the birds, love the stars and the moon. But, I am a selective nature girl.

I learned this when we moved to Florida. Nature has bad things like: slugs, fire ants, hurricanes, lizards, termites and snakes. We spent six years there, and I never knew there were bugs that want to hurt you until then. I refer to those as the lost years—no change of season, bugs as big as your thumb and snakes in your house. Yes…IN your house!!!

Climbing up the wall behind the refrigerator—big, yellow, huge—ARRGH!!!!

Kids, to your room! Take the dog!!

Bob and I frozen with fear! Is it a bad snake? Who cares? It’s a HUGE snake climbing up the wall—his head is over the top of the frig!! More screaming and dancing in terror. We are not Tarzan and Jane…we are Ethel and Lucy!! There’s no one to help us…and we are so scared…and how do you get a snake to leave?

Afraid to leave the area because you don’t know where he’ll go—afraid to stay because it’s a SNAKE! People like us have not been trained in jungle survival—and it’s a SNAKE IN OUR HOUSE!

We have to do something…Bob found a yard tool and chopped off it’s head (yuck)—my hero. The rest is a blur. We laughed a lot…later..after we threw up. We’re so goofy.

Still makes me shrivel up. In my mind, Florida = snakes.

And our adventures continue…

love you, Bren

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