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You never stop missing your mom—and the older I get—the more I look back on things she did or said. Now, I finally realize how cool and awesome she was–way ahead of the pack and always on trend. She was a fabulous combination of Jackie Kennedy and Mary Tyler Moore!

She wore spike heels to work with her pencil skirts–she had a great black leather coat and my dad bought her a Mustang. She had interesting jobs-she modeled, had a home business making and selling flower arrangements, worked for a fur store and a high end boutique. The five of us ate dinner at the kitchen table every night when my dad came home from work. She cooked and baked. We all went to church together on Sunday.

I remember her doing the “twist” in the dining room and giggling at the Beatles. I can see her dancing down the hallway like Lucy just to make my dad laugh. She was a wonderful role model. I learned to have courage and ambition—that it’s okay to be silly and good to be kind—and that sometimes, sad things happen. Spend a little time thinking about your mom when she was your age—there are lessons to be learned. Even more interesting, try to remember how she was when you were your kids age—it’s eye opening!

Your mom is one of the most important people in your life. Honor her, respect her, learn from her and treasure her. God bless them all. Spend time with your mom…

love, Bren and Mag

Mom on the farm as a girl

Mom on the farm and Mom and me :)

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