This is exciting..but which holy grail is she talking about? (There are many in the world of fashion.) It became clear as she continued talking breathlessly.

Spanx has come out with a sleeveless blouse! It has the collar I love, no sleeves (no bulk), and the bottom half is nylon spandex–shapewear! Awesome! I have ordered one, and we’ll see. Maybe they’ve been reading my blogs and now realize we want a sleeveless blouse with a collar just to wear under stuff! To incorporate shapewear is brilliant!! Watch for a followup on this. You know I always tell the truth.

I’m writing this with one eye on “The Housewives of Beverly Hills”. It must be the season wrap- up or slam session. It’s fascinating…kind of like watching a tornado…scary, but you can’t stop. All those women posed on the sofas—big hair, giant platform pumps, perfectly make- uped legs (sp?), caterpillar eyelashes, and a whole tube of lip-gloss on each lip—botox, filler, hair extensions. Their eyebrows intrigue me—are they stenciled on? Each season they seem to look a little different…like science fiction…they seem to be morphing…? I think Lisa may be turning evil…

I’ll let you know about the blouse.

Love you guys, Bren

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