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I’m seeing a lot of them–everywhere–all the fashion magazines and style reports, but…

Leather is very tricky. It can be difficult to put on, it can bag and then you have a saggy butt and stretched- out knees (oh, so attractive). Have you noticed that you never see a woman in leather leggings seated? There’s probably a reason for that…maybe because leather doesn’t give so there could be some unsightly bulges and pulling. I’m curious about the comfort level–and what it looks like after you’ve worn them through dinner. I have had a few bad moments when I didn’t actually do a test run on a new piece of clothing…this could be one of those items.

Leather shines–it reflects light. Reflected light on clothing makes you look bigger and draws the eye. Any part of your body that sticks out (breasts and tummy) will look much larger. Keep this in mind, or you’ll see what you really look like when someone tweets a photo of you at an event and you look like you’ve been inflated! If you have heavy or muscular legs or a goddess derriere, think twice.

At the other end of the spectrum are skinny legs. Leather leggings make you look kind of like a stork, and they bunch around your knees and ankles, or occasionally , the whole length of your leg. Hmmm. Is this attractive or have we just gotten used to the look.

I don’t know. They are very fashion forward and can be awesome. Just find the ones that are right for you, and consider faux ones if in doubt. Same effect for a smaller investment. Then if it turns our that you are a little bit rock n’ roll, splurge on the real thing!

If you love it, go for it…life is short!

Big smile…Bren

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