Why I don’t go to the gym.

Well, first of all, the thought of having to shower and fluff to go to exercise somewhere seems like too much work.—but I can’t just roll out of bed and go somewhere.  It’s not possible.  I need to be presentable.  Not a total fluff, but not no fluff.  That would be bad.  Tempting the fates…

What if my car broke down and someone had to help me and I looked like a total slob…they would think badly of me.  I know—who cares–so what?  I care—it’s ingrained.  And then all the people at the gym would think I look yucky.  I know, I know (so what)–I don’t like to be yucky.  Besides, by the time I drive to the gym, I could have finished doing 30 minutes on my treadmill!

And then, there’s the clothing aspect!  If I go somewhere to exercise, I have to have real workout clothes.  (I”m not sure what they are currently, but I seem to see a lot of yoga  clothes-all day long, everywhere–the new jogging suit?)  If I exercise at home, I can wear whatever I want—jammies, underwear, ugly old stuff.  I can exercise when I want and I can watch what I want on TV or talk to myself and no one cares.  If I’m at a place, I have to talk to other people and visit.  That’s okay, but I don’t have enought time, and I’m sweaty and yucky and I still have to go home to refluff so I can go to work.

Going to a gym or a class is entirely too much work for me…and that’s why I don’t go.  So there.  Love, Brenda