What does “PC” mean? Who made you right and me wrong?

Okay. Basically, PC means politically correct.  Who made “them”, whoever “they” are, the judge of what is politically right or wrong?  What do politics have to do with it?  I think “them” is the group of people who somehow have decided that they know all the answers…and that what they say is “right”, and anything else is wrong.  They want to call it “PC”, but I don’t see where politics come into this.  What makes what “they” think right?

Nice, normal people are being intimidated all the time by some people talking loud and being rude…but it’s okay because it’s PC??!!??  Because they are “right”, or so they think?  I don’t think so. How can “their”view be PC, but not mine?  Who says?

Difference of opinion is a human condition.  But to use the term “politically correct” to bully people?  To force you to accept someone else’s opinion?  It’s a blurry cover- up that allows people to say whatever they want to you…about what you think or do.  PC really translates  to one person trying to control another person’s acts or thoughts without ever speaking directly about the problem or difference in opinion.  They don’t want you to think that “they” disagree with you—they want you to think that others have decided that you are in the wrong.  This is BULLYING!

Maybe people should stop trying to control others and mind their own business.   Peace. Brenda