We donated a $1000.00 makeover (clothing, hair and makeup)!!

We donated this at our adirondack chair auction and the woman who won is coming in today to pick out her outfits!  She is a lovely woman and a regular customer—very pretty, loves prints and color, loves colorful jewelry–very outgoing. Today, I get to help her find some clothes that suit her lifestyle and body-type—such fun!

The beginning of the process is a little tricky because we have so many options at our stores, so first I try to determine what her primary needs are.  I know she has a public career—she needs to dress professionally, but not boring.  Her personality and love of color give me some strong hints.

I find that we all get more wear from our clothes if we find a basic formula (it also eliminates stress).  We have 3 basic options: 1. one piece–a dress, 2. two pieces–a top and bottom–sweater and skirt, or blouse and pants, etc., and 3. three pieces–the most versatile and interesting. a basic canvas of top and bottom in the same color.  Then add one more piece for the pop!

I’m working on the 3- piece plan today, as she can mix in her own pieces and they will look fresh and new!  Brown or navy is probably the best canvas for her because of her coloring—these colors are almost neutral and a good background for lots of colors and prints.  I’ll let you know tomorrow what we end up with!  After this, she gets new hair and makeup!

This will be a really fun day.  The store is open during this process, so we’ll have lots of input from our fabulous customers—they all have helpful ideas—lots of laughter, modeling moments and bonding!

Stop by if you’re in town…join in the fun!  xoxo, Brenda