Skinny jeans–Seven, Citizens of Humanity, Hudson–

Yes, they’re still here.  In fact, we see them everywhere..on women of all ages, shapes and sizes.  It can be a great current look, but there are some secrets to pulling this off.

First–it’s not the best look if you’re hippy.  Stick with boot cut- it will balance you out.   If you are very slender, you can wear almost any top, from layered tees to empire waist tops, to jackets.  If you are average size–it’s  best to wear a longer top—tunic length is foolproof.  That would be mid-thigh.  Another option is a longer tee with a shorter one on top; or a longer vest, or open shirt or jacket.  Always remember–if it makes your ankles look tiny, it’s going to make your bottom look bigger!  So you need some camouflage to even your body out.  Always check the back view in a full length mirror!

Some great skinny jeans:  Seven, Citizens of Humanity, Earl, Earnest Sewn, James, Miss Sixty, and True Religion.  Available at Closet Exchange.

You can have fun, look fabulous, and save money!  You can be best dressed for less.

Take care.  We love seeing you.  Brenda and Maggie